Dates in Irish (Dátaí)

Details of how to talk about and write dates in Irish.

When writing dates, an abbreviated form is used. For example 3rd May = 3ú Márta, and is said an tríú lá de mhi na Mhárta. To add the year, you say sa bhliain ...

Abbreviation Full form
1d an chéad lá
2a an dara lá
an triú lá
an ceathrú lá
an cúigiú lá
an séú lá
am seachtú lá
an t-ochtú lá
an naoú lá
10ú an deichiú lá
11ú an t-aonú lá déag
12ú an dara lá déag
13ú an triú lá déag
14ú an ceathrú lá déag
15ú an cúigiú lá déag
16ú an séú lá déag
17ú am seachtú lá déag
18ú an t-ochtú lá déag
19ú an naoú lá déag
20ú an fichiú lá
21st an t-aonú lá is fiche
22nd an dara lá is fiche
23rd an tríú lá is fiche
24ú an ceathrú lá is fiche
25ú an cúigú lá is fiche
26ú an séú lá is fiche
27ú an seachtú lá is fiche
28ú an t-ochtú lá is fiche
29ú an naoú lá is fiche
30ú an tríochadú lá
31ú an t-aonú lá is tríocha


Months of the year

When talking about dates, the months have the following forms.

January de (mhi) Eanáir
February de (mhi) Feabhra
March de (mhi na) Márta
April de (mhi) Aibreáin
May de (mhi) Bhealtaine
June de (mhi an) Mheithimh
July de (mhi) Iúil
August de (mhi) Lunasa
September de (mhi) Mheán Fómhair
October de (mhi) Dheireadh Fómhair
November de (mhi na) Samhna
December de (mhi na) Nollag


Days of the week

Monday Dé Luan
Tuesday Dé Mairt
Wednesday Dé Céadaoin
Thursday Déardaoin
Friday Dé h-Aoine
Saturday Dé Sathairn
Sunday Dé Domhnaigh


Hear how to talk about dates in Irish:

Information about writing dates in Irish

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