Ledo Kaili numbers

Numbers in Ledo Kaili, a Malayo-Polynesian language spoken in central Sulawesi in Indonesia.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 satu, sangu kasatuna, kasanguna
2 randua karanduana
3 tatalu katataluna
4 ampa kaampana
5 alima, lima kaalimana, kalimana
6 aono kaaonona
7 papitu kapapituna
8 uvalu kauvaluna
9 sasio kasasiona
10 sapulu kasapuluna
11 sapulu sangu  
12 sapulu randua  
13 sapulu tatalu  
14 sapulu ampa  
15 sapulu lima  
16 sapulu aono  
17 sapulu papitu  
18 sapulu uvalu  
19 sapulu sasio  
20 ropulu  
21 ropulu sangu  
22 ropulu randua  
23 ropulu tatalu  
24 ropulu ampa  
25 ropulu lima  
26 ropulu aono  
27 ropulu papitu  
28 ropulu uvalu  
29 ropulu sasio  
30 talupulu  
40 patapulu  
50 limapulu  
60 onopulu  
70 pitupulu  
80 valupulu  
90 siopulu  
100 (sa)atu  
200 roatu  
300 taluatu  
400 pataatu  
500 limatu  
554 limatu limapulu ampa  
600 onoatu  
700 pituatu  
800 valuatu  
900 sioatu  
1,000 (sa)njobu  
2,000 ronjobu  
3,000 talu-njobu  
4,000 pata-jobu  
5,000 lima-njobu  
5,600 lima-njobu onoatu  
6,000 ono-njobu  
7,000 pitu-njobu  
8,000 valu-njobu  
9,000 sio-njobu  
10,000 sapulu njobu  
250,750 roatu limapulu-njobu pituatu limapulu  
1,000,000 (sa)juta  
200,000,000 roatu juta  
1/2 santanga  
once sanggani  
twice ronggani  
three times talu-nggani  
four times pata-nggani  

Source: Kamus Kaili-Ledo – Indonesia – Inggeris. Kaili-Ledo – Indonesian – English Dictionary. Jakarta – 2003.

Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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