Ledo Kaili (Palu)

Ledo Kaili is a member of the Kaili-Pamona branch of the Malayo-Polynesian language family spoken by about 350,000 people in central Sulawesi in Indonesia, particularly in Donggala and Sigi districts and in and around Palu, the capital of Sulawesi.

Ledo Kaili is the most-spoken variety of Kaili. There are twelve other varieties of Kaili: Rao, Tajio (or Ajio), Kori, Doi, Unde (Ndepu/Undepu), Da'a, Inde, Ija, Edo, Ado, Ava and Tar. These form a dialect continuum, and are not all mutually intelligible.

Ledo Kaili is used to some extent on local radio stations in Palu, and in local newspapers. There is also some written literature in Ledo Kaili consisting mainly of folk tales, and some bands sing in Kaili.

Ledo Kaili pronunciation

Ledo Kaili pronunciation

The letters f, q, x and z are used only in words of foreign origin.

Sample text

Panguli nu tesa ntotua nggaulu, naria vei saito madika nipokonona mpu noasu. Ane madotamo rarana haumo ia noasu ante tadulakona. Bara santipa sanggani, bara eo-eo. Ane nambela tonji belo norasi, ane nambela tonji daa vai, mau valeana ledo naria nikava.


According to a story from my parents, there was once a king who really liked to go hunting. Whenever he wanted to, he went hunting with his leaders – Sometimes once a week, sometimes every day. When he was lucky, he was successful; when he was unlucky, not a single track was to be found.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ledo_Kaili_language

Sample video in Ledo Kaili

Information about Ledo Kaili | Numbers in Ledo Kaili


Information about Ledo Kaili

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