Elymaic Elymaic script

The Elymaic script is a version of the Aramaic script that was used in Elymais, a state that existed from 147 BC to 221/222 AD in what is now Khuzestan Province in southwestern Iran. The script was used to write a version of Late Old Eastern Aramaic and was influenced by the Parthian chancellery script.

Inscriptions in the Elymaic script appear on coins and in stone and date from the 1st and 3rd centuries AD. The script is also known as Elymaean. It is not known what its native name was.

Notable features

Elymaic script

Elymaic script

Download a script chart for Elymaic (Excel)


The letter names and transcriptions are shown in Aramaic.

Sample text

A sample text in the Elymaic script


ṣalmā ḏenā ḏī Worōḏ nāseḇ korsiyā
ḇar Bēldōšā(?) ḏī rabbān
wa-’Asīryā wa-’Attyōḵā ḏī ḇa-ṯarʿā ḇar
Bāsī nāseḇ korsā


This image is the one of Worōd, holder of the throne,
the son of Bēldōšā(?), who is (my) lord,
and Asīryā(?) and Anitochus, who is at the gate, the
son of Bāsī, holder of the throne.

Source: Proposal to encode the Elymaic script in Unicode


Information about Elymaic and Elymais

Elymaic fonts

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