Norfuk is a Creole based on English and Tahitian spoken on Norfolk Island in the Pacific. It developed during the 18th century in the Pitcairn Islands, and was brought to Norfolk Island by islanders from Pitcairn. In 2008 there were 400 speakers of Norfuk, which is also spelt Norfolk or Norf'k.

As more people are visiting Norfolk Island in recent years, the locals are speaking Norfuk less. In order to encourge use of the language, it is taught in school, and dictionaries are being produced.

Norfuk alphabet and pronunciation

Norfuk alphabet and pronunciation


C, q, v, x and z are only used in loanwords and foreign names and they are often replaced by k/s, k, w and s respectively.

Download a Norfuk alphabet chart (Excel)

Information about Norfuk compiled by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample text in Norfuk

Norfuk esa creole laenghwij spoken i' Norfuk Ailen, an es disended from t' Pitkern laenghwij a' t' setlars from Pitkern Ailen. Es a' miks a' oel Inglish en Tahityan laenghwij, wi' Inglish maeken mor enfluens.


Norfuk is a creole language spoken in Norfolk Island, and is descended from Pitcairnese language of the settlers from Pitcairn Island. It's a mix of old English and Tahitian languages, with English making more influence.

Sample video in Norfuk

Information about Norfuk | Phrases | Numbers


Information about the Norfuk languages

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