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Saramaccan (Saamáka)

Saramaccan is a Portuguese-based creole language spoken by about 24,000 people in Suriname and 2,000 people in French Guiana. Saramaccan has some similarities with the English-based creole languages of Suriname, Aukan and Sranan, and contains vocabulary from English, Dutch, and Sub-Saharan African languages such as Fongbe, Akan and Gbe.

Saramaccan alphabet and pronunciation

Saramaccan alphabet

Sample sentences

De waka te de aan sinkii möön.
They walked until they were worn out.

U ta mindi kanda fu dee soni dee ta pasa ku u.
We make up songs about things that happen to us.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saramaccan_language

Sample video in Saramaccan


Information about Saramaccan

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