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Spanish tongue twisters (trabalenguas)

El cielo está enladrillado. ¿Quién lo desenladrillará?
El desenladrillador que lo desenladrille, ¡buen desenladrillador será!
The sky is full of bricks. Who will put them out now?
The "unbricker" who could put them out, will be such a good "unbricker"!

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El perro de San Roque no tiene rabo porque Ramón Rodríguez se lo ha robado.
Saint Roque's dog has no tail because Ramón Rodríguez has stolen it.

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Tres tristes tigres tragaban trigo en tres tristes trastos en un trigal
Three sad tigers were eating wheat in three sad (lousy) dishes in a wheat field.

Parangaricutirimicuaro or Nuevo San Juan Parangaricutiro is a town in Mexico

Mi mamá me mima mucho.
Mum spoils me a lot.

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El bebé bebe bebidas.
The baby drinks sodas.

Pedro Pérez Pereira, pobre pintor portugués, pinta preciosos paisajes por poco precio para poder pasar por parís.
Pedro Perez Pereira, poor Portuguese painter, he paints low cost landscapes at low price so he can pass by Paris

Pablito clavó un clavito, un clavito clavó pablito.

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Me han dicho un dicho que han dicho que he dicho yo.
Ese dicho está mal dicho; si lo hubiera dicho yo,
estaría mejor dicho que el dicho que han dicho que he dicho yo.
I've heard a quote which they say I said.
That quote is misquoted; if I had said it,
it would be better said than the quote which they say I said.

Erre con erre: guitarra. erre con erre: barríl
Rapido ruedan los carros
por los rieles del ferrocarril
R with R: guitar. R with R: barrel
Quickly roll the cars
via the rails of the railway.

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Compadre, cómprame un coco.
Compadre, coco no compro,
porque el que poco coco come,
poco coco compra.
Yo como poco coco como poco coco compro.
Buddy, buy me a coconut.
Buddy, I'm not buying a coconut,
because he who eats little coconut,
buys little coconut.
As I eat little coconut, I buy little coconut.


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