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Bandial (Banjaal)

Bandial is a member of the Jola branch of Atlantic–Congo languages spoken by about 13,000 people south of the Casamance River in Senegal. The language is also know as Eegima (Eegimaa), and there are three dialects: Affiniam, Bandial proper, and Elun (Hulon / Kuluunaay / Kujireray). The dialects are quite distinct and might be considered separate languages.

Bandial alphabet and pronunciation

Bandial alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Bandial (Excel)

Sample text in Bandial

Ejuay yay, yoemme ejoba bugo ni yon. Guno babuge. An abugeol. Ñer uĉiga fice funah, ejoba yay neoh yon yay, bala mbi nihi gujuh waf n’gutiñ wo jas ni súm, gutajen utum waw wolil min uuŋ. Niki gumaŋ. Yon naagol namaŋe.

Alphabet and sample text supplied by Michael Peter Füstumum


Information about Bandial

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