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Siar (ep warwar anun dat)

Siar is a Western Oceanic language spoken in New Ireland Province in Papua New Guinea by about 2,500 people (in 2005). Specifically at the southern end of the province on east and west coasts, and on nearby islands. There are also some Siar speakers in other parts of Papua New Guinea. The language is also known as Siar-Lak, Lak, Lamassa or Likkilikki, and the native name is ep warwar anun dat, which means 'our language'.

Children are educated in Siar in some schools for the first three years. In other schools education is in English.

Siar alphabet and pronunciation

Siar alphabet and pronunciation

[ɸ] is written h at the end of words, f elsewhere.

Download a alphabet chart for Siar (Excel)

Sample text in Siar

I tik ep barsan, ep rise-n i Tagorman, i kés ting o-n i tik a pukun, i sen masik. Ting o-n ep lakman ngasi-n, kai kakaruk kól anu-n, ap i kés masik tar, i sen masik.


One man, his name is Tagorman lived at a place, by himself. There at his place he had many chickens, and he lived alone, he by himself.

Source: Siar-Lak Grammar Essentials

Details of Siar provided by Michael Peter Füstumum


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