The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Alur (Dho-Alur)

Ot ma tek ma wiu mi Babel

  1. Man ng’om ngung’ en e mi dhok acel man mi wec acel.
  2. Man etimbre, ka giwotho yo nyangu, nia ginwang’u pambu i ng’om Cinar; e gibedo keca.
  3. Man giwecri gigi kumae, Wubin, watimu biriki, man waweng’ugi cu. E gibedo ku biriki ka kidi, man gibedo kud uza ni ulobo.
  4. Man giwacu kumae, Wubin, wagomu adhura iwa, man ot ma tek ma wiu, ma wie copo tundo kum polo, man dong’ watimu iwa nying’; wamaru lal mba mba wi wang’ ng’om ngung’.
  5. Man Yehova loro piny kara enen adhurane ku ot ma tekne ma wiu, ma nyithindho mi dhanu gomo.
  6. E Yehova wacu kumae, Nen, gi dhanu acel, man gin ceke gibedo ku dhok acel; man maeni en e gin ma githeko timo: e kawono gin moko mbe ma bicere igi, ma gikeco ya gitim.
  7. Wubin, dong’ waloru piny, man waloku dhoggi, kara ku ging’ei wec ng’atuman pa wadi ng’atuman pa wadi.
  8. Kum kumeno Yehova lalugi tung’ tung’ ku keca wi wang’ ng’om ngung’: e giweko gomo adhurane.
  9. Ka kumeno julwong’o nyinge Babel; kum keca Yehova loko ie dhok m’i ng’om ceke: man ku keca Yehova lalugi nge nge i wang’ ng’om ceke.


Alur is a Southern Luo language spoken in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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