The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Ghashnumorfîn (Neo-Black Speech)

Lug Bâbil-ob (Tower of Babel)

  1. Rad ghâmpûk brusuz lâmish ash agh ghashnumish ash.
  2. Agh ghugshuz, mûlumkusn ghânshghâra, gimbuzut uzgokish uzgor Shinâr, agh fulguzut tîg.
  3. Zatal gashnuzut îmishuz: "Skât, gâkhizgu largat korpausishu agh mûzatul gakharz." Agh brusuzut korpausishu gundûr, agh sorumish brusuzut aurokûr.
  4. Agh gashnuzut: "Skât, gâkhizgu shatorat îmishuz goish, agh lugish talumtabsha nûtishi; gâkhizgu largat bugudish îmishûru, nargâkhizgu kul bûsnu tharktala ghâmpûkob."
  5. Agh zâbruz Yahuah honat goish agh lugish amut shatoruzut lûk shara-haib.
  6. Agh gashnuz Yahuah: "Narhusharz kulut hai ash agh brusutûk lâmish ash, agh zamal kulat amash ashut krampat; zash narash kulub ulûr narghugûrz, amashob thrâgut krampat.
  7. Skât, gâkhIzgu zâbrat agh tîg girzat lâmulub, zash nargâkhut zûrbat ghashnum îmulubu."
  8. Agh bûsnuzul Yahuah tîgghâra tharktala ghâmpûkob, agh puzguzut shatorat goish.
  9. Zash ghugshuz kulat bugudtab Bâbil, dhurz tîg girzuz Yahuah lâmish ghâmpûkob; agh tîgghâra bûsnuzul Yahuah tharktala ghâmpûkob.

Provided by Diego T. Guimarães. Proofread and corrected by Un4givenOrc. Based on the New King James Bible Version (1982) and adapted from the original Hebrew

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Neo-Black Speech is based on the language of the Orcs, Nazgûls and other inhabitants of Mordor in J.R.R. Tolkien's books.

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