Numbers in Bolinao (Binu-Bolinao)

How to count in Bolinao, a Philippine language spoken mainly in Pangasinan province on Luzon island in the Philippines

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 saya mu-na, primero
2 rwa, ruwa, dos maikarwa, kumarwa, ikarwa
3 tolo, tulo maikatlo, kumatlo, ikatlo, pitlo
4 ápat, a-pat maika-pat, ikapat, kuma-pat, pi’pat
5 lima, singko maikalima, ikalima, kinto
6 ánem, a-nem, sais maikanem, ikanem
7 pito ikapito
8 walo, utso ikawalo
9 syam, siyam, nwibi ikasyam
10 mapoló, mapulo ikamapoló
11 labin-saya, unsi ikalabinsaya
12 labin-rwa, labin-ruwa, dose ikalabinrwa
13 labin-tolo ikalabintolo
14 labin-ápat ikalabin-ápat
15 labin-lima, kinsi  
16 labin-ánem  
17 labin-pito  
18 labin-walo  
19 labin-syam, labin-siyam  
20 ruwam poló, ruwam pulo, byinti  
30 tolom poló, tulom pulo, tulum pulo  
40 ápat a poló, a-pat a pulo  
50 limam poló, limam pulo, singkwinta  
60 ánem poló, a-nem pulo, saisinta  
70 pitom poló, pitom pulo  
80 walom poló, waom pulo, utsinta  
90 syam poló, siyam poló, syam a pulo  
100 san yasot  
200 rwan yasot  
300 tolon yasot  
400 ápat a yasot  
500 liman yasot  
600 ánem yasot  
700 piton yasot, pitun yasot  
800 walom yasot  
900 syam yasot  
1,000 san ribo  
2,000 rwan ribo  
5,000 liman ribo  
6,000 anem ribo  
7,000 piton ribo, pitun ribo  
8,000 walom ribo  
9,000 syam ribo  
1,000,000 sayan milyon  
once mi-sa tamo  
twice mamirwa, mirwa  
thrice mamitlo, mitlo  
four times mami-pat, mi-pat  
five times amilima, milima  

Note: Numbers in italics are Spanish loanwords.

- Siray kasabyan nin balikas. The Expressions That Are Common. A Phrase Book For Bolinao compiled by Gary C. Persons. SIL 1978.

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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