Numbers in Ivatan

How to count in Ivatan (Chirin nu Ibatan), a Batanic language spoken mainly in the Batanes Islands in the Philippines.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 asa dāmo
2 dadwa, dua pirwa
3 tatdo, atdo pitdo
4 apat pipat
5 dadima, dima pidima, maikadima, chadadima
6 anim, anem maikanem, chanem
7 papito, papitu, pitu maichapapito, chapapito
8 wawaho, wawahu, waxoho, uajo maikawawaho, chawawaho
9 sasyam, siam  
10 asa a poho, asa pojo, pojo  
11 asa a poho kan asa  
12 asa a poho kan dadwa  
13 asa a poho kan tatdo  
14 asa a poho kan apat  
15 asa a poho kan dadima  
16 asa a poho kan anim  
17 asa a poho kan papito  
18 asa a poho kan waxoho  
19 asa a poho kan sasyam  
20 dadwa a poho, dawapoho, ruapojo  
21 dadwa a poho kan asa  
22 dadwa a poho kan dadwa  
23 dadwa a poho kan tatdo  
24 dadwa a poho kan apat  
25 dadwa a poho kan dadima  
26 dadwa a poho kan anim  
27 dadwa a poho kan papito  
28 dadwa a poho kan waxoho  
29 dadwa a poho kan sasyam  
30 tatdo a poho  
40 apat a poho  
50 dadima a poho, dimapojo  
60 anim a poho  
70 papito a poho, pitu à pojo  
80 wawaho a poho  
90 sasyam a poho, siam à pojo  
100 asa a gasot, asa yatos  
200 dadwa a gasot, dua yatos  
300 tatdo a gasot, atdo à yatos  
400 apat a gasot, apat à yatos  
500 dadima a gasot, dima à yatos  
600 anim a gasot, anem à yatos  
700 papito a gasot, pitu à yatos  
800 wawaho a gasot, uajo à yatos  
900 sasyam a gatos, siam à yatos  
1,000 asa a ribo, asa livu, umlivu, livo  
2,000 dadwa a ribo, dua livu  
3,000 tatdo a ribo, atdo à livu  
4,000 apat a ribo, apat à livu  
5,000 dadima a ribo, dima à livu  
6,000 anim a ribo, anem à livu  
7,000 papito a ribo, pitu à livu  
8,000 wawaho a ribo, uajo à livu  
9,000 sasyam a ribo, siam à livu  
10,000 asa pojo su calivu  
20,000 ruapojo su calivu  
30,000 atdo pojo su calivu  
40,000 apat pojo su calivu  
50,000 dimapojo su calivu  
60,000 anim pojo su calivu  
70,000 pitu à pojo su calivu  
80,000 uajo pojo su calivu  
90,000 siam pojo su calivu  
100,000 sayatos su calivu  
200,000 dua yatos su calivu  
300,000 atdo à yatos su calivu  
400,000 apat à yatos su calivu  
500,000 dima à yatos su calivu  
600,000 anem à yatos su calivu  
700,000 pitu à yatos su calivu  
800,00 uajo à yatos su calivu  
900,000 siam à yatos su calivu  
1,000,000 maipisa pojo ú asa yatos su calivu  
once pisa  
twice maipidua, irwa  
three times mipitdo  
four times maipipat  
five times mipidima, maypidima  
six times mipinem  
20 times mipirua à pojo  


Information about Ivatan numerals

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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