Numbers in Hanunó’o

How to count in Hanunó’o (ᜱᜨᜳᜨᜳᜢ), a Philippine language spoken in Mindoro in the Philippines

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 usa (ᜢᜰ) [ʔu'sa]
2 duwa (ᜧᜳᜯ) [du'wa]
3 tulu (ᜦᝓᜮᜳ) ['tulu]
4 upat (ᜢᜩ) ['ʔupat]
5 lima (ᜰᜲᜫ) [li'ma]
6 unum (ᜢᜨᜳ) ['ʔunum]
7 pitu (ᜩᜲᜦᜳ) [pi'tu]
8 walu (ᜯᜮᜳ) ['walu]
9 siyam (ᜮᜲᜬ) [si'yam]
10 sampulu (ᜰᜫᜩᜳᜮᜳ) [sam'pulu]
11 sampulu may usa / onsi
12 sampulu may duwa / dosi
13 sampulu may tulu
14 sampulu may upat
15 sampulu may lima
16 sampulu may unum
17 sampulu may pitu
18 sampulu may walu
19 sampulu may siyam
20 duwapulu / beinti
21 duwapulu may usa
22 duwapulu may duwa
23 duwapulu may tulu
24 duwapulu may upat
25 duwapulu may lima
26 duwapulu may unum
27 duwapulu may pitu
28 duwapulu may walu
29 duwapulu may siyam
30 upatpulu
40 upatpulu
50 limampulu
60 unumpulu
70 pitumpulu
80 walumpulu
90 siyampulu
100 sang gatus / san daan / usa ka gatus
1,000 usa ka libu

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Information about counting in Hanunó’o

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