Numbers in Bontoc (Finallig)

Information about counting in Bontoc, Bontoc, a Philippine language spoken in the Mountain Province of Luzon in the Philippines.

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Central Bontoc

Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 esa chamo
2 chowa maikadwa
3 tolo maikatlo
4 eppat maikap-at
5 lima  
6 enem  
7 pito  
8 walo  
9 siyam  
10 sinpoo  
20 chowan poo  
30 tolon poo  
40 eppat poo  
50 liman poo  
60 enem poo  
70 piton poo  
80 walon poo  
90 siyam poo  
100 sinkhasot  
1,000 sinlifo  
once mamingsan  
twice mamidwa  
3 times mamitlo  
4 times mamin-eppat  
5 times maminlima  

Southern Bontoc

Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 osa mangipango
2 chowa ma-ikadwa
3 toro ma-ikatlo
4 opat ma-ikapat
5 lima  
6 onom  
7 pito  
8 waro  
9 siyam  
10 hin poro  
20 chowan poro  
30 torun poro  
40 opat poro  
50 liman poro  
60 onom poro  
70 pitun poro  
80 warun poro  
90 siyam poro  
100 hin kiasut  
1,000 hin lifo  
once mamingsan  
twice mamidwa  
3 times mamitlo  
4 times mangin opat  
5 times mangin lema  


Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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