Useful phrases in Gothic

A collection of useful phrases in Gothic, an extinct East Germanic language that was spoken in parts of the Crimea until the 17th century.

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Key to abbreviations: m = male, f = female, > said to, 1p = one person, 2p = two people, 3+p = three or more people.

English 𐌲𐌿𐍄𐌹𐍃𐌺𐌰 / Gutiska (Gothic)
Welcome 𐍅𐌰𐌹𐌻𐌰 𐌰𐌽𐌳𐌰𐌽𐌴𐌼𐍃
(Waila andanems)
𐍅𐌰𐌹𐌻𐌰 𐌰𐌽𐌳𐌰𐌽𐌴𐌼𐌰
(Waila andanema) >f
Hello (General greeting) 𐌷𐌰𐌹𐌻𐍃 (Hails) >m
𐌷𐌰𐌹𐌻𐌰 (Haila) >f
How are you? 𐍈𐌰𐌹𐍅𐌰 𐌼𐌰𐌲𐍄 (Ƕaiwa magt?) >1p
𐍈𐌰𐌹𐍅𐌰 𐌼𐌰𐌲𐌰𐍄𐍃 (Ƕaiwa magats?) >2p
𐍈𐌰𐌹𐍅𐌰 𐌼𐌰𐌰𐌸 (Ƕaiwa magath?) >3+p
Reply to 'How are you?' 𐍅𐌰𐌹𐌻𐌰 𐌼𐌰𐌲, 𐌰𐍅𐌹𐌻𐌹𐌿𐌳𐍉 𐌸𐌿𐍃. 𐌾𐌰𐌷 𐌸𐌿?
(Waila mag, awiliudo þus. Jah þu?) >1p
𐍅𐌰𐌹𐌻𐌰 𐌼𐌰𐌲, 𐌰𐍅𐌹𐌻𐌹𐌿𐌳𐍉 𐌹𐌲𐌵𐌹𐍃. 𐌾𐌰𐌷 𐌾𐌿𐍄?
(Waila mag, awiliudo igqis. Jah jut?) >2p
𐍅𐌰𐌹𐌻𐌰 𐌼𐌰𐌲, 𐌰𐍅𐌹𐌻𐌹𐌿𐌳𐍉 𐌹𐌶𐍅𐌹𐍃. 𐌾𐌰𐌷 𐌾𐌿𐍃?
(Waila mag, awiliudo izwis. Jah jus?) >3+p
What's your name? 𐍈𐌰 𐌹𐍃𐍄 𐌽𐌰𐌼𐍉 𐌸𐌴𐌹𐌽?
(ƕa ist namo þein?)
My name is ... 𐌽𐌰𐌼𐍉 𐌼𐌴𐌹𐌽 𐌹𐍃𐍄 ...
(Namo mein ist ...)
Where are you from? 𐍈𐌰𐌸𐍂𐍉 𐌵𐌹𐌼𐌹𐍃? (ƕaþro qimis?)
I'm from ... 𐌵𐌹𐌼𐌰 𐍆𐍂𐌰𐌼 ... (Qima fram ...)
How old are you? 𐍈𐌰𐌽 𐌰𐌻𐌸𐌴𐌹𐍃 𐌹𐍃? (ƕan alþeis is?)
I'm ... years old 𐌹𐌼 ... 𐍅𐌹𐌽𐍄𐍂𐌿𐍃 (Im ... wintrus)
Good morning
(Morning greeting)
𐌲𐍉𐌳𐌰𐌽𐌰 𐌼𐌰𐌿𐍂𐌲𐌹𐌽 (Godana maurgin)
Good afternoon
(Afternoon greeting)
𐌲𐍉𐌳𐌰𐌽𐌰 𐌳𐌰𐌲 (Godana dag)
Good evening
(Evening greeting)
𐌲𐍉𐌳𐌰𐍄𐌰 𐌰𐌽𐌳𐌰𐌽𐌰𐌷𐍄𐌹 (Godata andanahti)
Good night 𐌲𐍉𐌳𐌰 𐌽𐌰𐌷𐍄 (Goda naht)
(Parting phrases)
𐌲𐍉𐌻𐌾𐌰 𐌸𐌿𐌺 (Golja þuk)
Bon voyage /
Have a good journey
𐌲𐍉𐌸𐌰 𐍆𐌰𐍂𐌰 (Goþa fara)
I understand 𐍆𐍂𐌰𐌸𐌾𐌰 (Fraþja)
I don't understand 𐌽𐌹 𐍆𐍂𐌰𐌸𐌾𐌰 (Ni fraþja)
I don't know 𐌽𐌹 𐌺𐌰𐌽𐌽 (Ni kann) - generally not knowing
𐌽𐌹 𐍅𐌰𐌹𐍄 (Ni wait) - not knowing a fact
Please speak more slowly 𐌱𐌹𐌳𐌾𐌰 𐌸𐌿𐌺, 𐍂𐍉𐌳𐌾𐌰𐌹𐍃 𐍃𐌰𐌹𐌽𐌹𐌶𐍉
(Bidja þuk, rodjais sainizo)
Please say that again 𐌼𐌰𐌲𐍄𐌿 𐌸𐌰𐍄𐌰 𐌰𐍆𐍄𐍂𐌰 𐌵𐌹𐌸𐌰𐌽?
(Magtu þata aftra qiþan?)
Please write it down 𐌼𐌴𐌻𐌴𐌹 𐌸𐌰𐍄𐌰 (Melei þata)
Do you speak English? 𐍂𐍉𐌳𐌾𐌰𐌹𐍃 𐌰𐌲𐌲𐌹𐌻𐌰𐍂𐌰𐌶𐌳𐌰?
(Rodjais Aggilarazda?)
Do you speak Gothic? 𐍂𐍉𐌳𐌾𐌴𐌹𐍃 𐌲𐌿𐍄𐌹𐍃𐌺𐌰 𐍂𐌰𐌶𐌳𐌰?
(Rodeis gutiska razda?)
Yes, a little
(reply to 'Do you speak ...?')
𐌾𐌰, 𐌻𐌴𐌹𐍄𐌹𐌻 (Ja, leitil)
Speak to me in Gothic 𐍂𐍉𐌳𐌾𐌰𐌹𐍃 𐌼𐌹𐍃 𐌲𐌿𐍄𐍂𐌰𐌶𐌳𐌰𐌹
(Rodjais mis Gutrazdai)
How do you say ... in Gothic? 𐍈𐌰𐌹𐍅𐌰 ... 𐌲𐌿𐍄𐍂𐌰𐌶𐌳𐌰𐌹 𐌵𐌹𐌸𐌰𐌳𐌰?
(ƕaiwa ... Gutrazdai qiþada?)
Excuse me 𐌷𐌰𐌱𐌰𐌹 𐌼𐌹𐌺 𐍆𐌰𐌿𐍂𐌵𐌹𐌸𐌰𐌽𐌰𐌽𐌰
(Habai mik faurqiþanana)
𐌷𐌰𐌱𐌰𐌹 𐌼𐌹𐌺 𐍆𐌰𐌿𐍂𐌵𐌹𐌸𐌰𐌽𐌰
(Habai mik faurqiþana)
How much is this? 𐍈𐌰𐌽 𐍆𐌹𐌻𐌿 𐌹𐍃𐍄? (ƕan filu ist?)
Sorry 𐌷𐌰𐌱𐌰𐌹 𐌼𐌹𐌺 𐍆𐌰𐌿𐍂𐌵𐌹𐌸𐌰𐌽𐌰𐌽𐌰
(Habai mik faurqiþanana)
𐌷𐌰𐌱𐌰𐌹 𐌼𐌹𐌺 𐍆𐌰𐌿𐍂𐌵𐌹𐌸𐌰𐌽𐌰
(Habai mik faurqiþana) >f
Thank you 𐌰𐍅𐌹𐌻𐌹𐌿𐌳𐍉 𐌸𐌿𐍃 (Awiliudo þus)
Where's the toilet / bathroom? 𐍈𐌰𐍂 𐌹𐍃𐍄 𐌲𐌰𐌲𐌲𐌰𐍃𐍄𐌰𐌸𐍃
(Ƕar ist gaggastaþs?)
This gentleman will pay for everything 𐍃𐌰 𐌼𐌰𐌽𐌽𐌰 𐍈𐌰𐌶𐌿𐌷 𐌿𐍃𐌲𐌹𐌱𐌹𐌸
(Sa manna ƕazuh usgibiþ)
This lady will pay for everything 𐍃𐍉 𐌵𐌹𐌽𐍉 𐍈𐌰𐌶𐌿𐌷 𐌿𐍃𐌲𐌹𐌱𐌹𐌸
(So qino ƕazuh usgibiþ)
Would you like to dance with me? 𐍅𐌹𐌻𐌴𐌹𐍃 𐌼𐌹𐌸 𐌼𐌹𐍃 𐍀𐌻𐌹𐌽𐍃𐌾𐌰𐌽?
(Wileis miþ mis plinsjan?)
I love you 𐍆𐍂𐌹𐌾𐍉 𐌸𐌿𐌺 (Frijo þuk)
Go away! 𐌲𐌰𐌻𐌹𐌸! (Galiþ!)
Leave me alone! 𐍆𐍂𐌰𐌻𐌴𐍄 𐌼𐌹𐌺 𐌳𐌿 𐍅𐌹𐍃𐌰𐌽 𐍃𐌿𐌽𐌳𐍂𐍉
(Fralet mik du wisan sundro)
Help! 𐌷𐌹𐌻𐍀! (Hilp!)
Stop! 𐍃𐍄𐌰𐌳𐌴𐌹! (Stadei!)
Easter greetings 𐌲𐍉𐌳𐌰 𐌳𐌿𐌻𐌸 (Goda Dulþ)
Birthday greetings 𐌰𐌿𐌾𐌰𐍄𐌰 𐌼𐌴𐌻 𐌲𐌰𐌱𐌰𐌿𐍂𐌸𐌰𐌹𐍃
(Aujata mel gabaurþais)
Congratulations! 𐍆𐌹𐌻𐌿 𐌰𐌿𐌾𐌴! (Filu auje!)
One language is never enough 𐌰𐌹𐌽𐌰 𐍂𐌰𐌶𐌳𐌰 𐌽𐌹 𐌲𐌰𐌽𐍉𐌷𐌴𐌹𐌸
(Aina razda ni ganoheiþ)
My hovercraft is full of eels 𐌼𐌴𐌹𐌽 𐌿𐍆𐌰𐍂𐍅𐌰𐍄𐌰𐍃𐌺𐌹𐍀 𐌹𐍃𐍄 𐌴𐌻𐌴 𐍆𐌿𐌻𐌻
(Mein ufarwataskip ist ele full)


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