Family words in Irish (Gaeilge)

Words for family members and other relatives in Irish (Gaelic), a Goidelic Celtic language spoken mainly in Ireland.

  Irish (Gaeilge)
family teachglach (household)
muintir (family/relatives)
clann (children)
parents tuismitheoirí
father athair / dadaí
mother máthair / mamaí
children clann / páiste
son mac
daughter iníon
husband fear (céile)
wife bean (chéile)
brother deartháir
sister deirfiúr
uncle uncail
aunt aintín
cousin col ceathar
nephew nia
mac dearthár (brother's son)
mac deirféar (sister's son)
niece neacht
iníon dearthár (brother's daughter)
iníon deirféar (sister's daughter)
grandparents seanmhuintir
grandfather seanathair / athair mór
daideó / móraí
grandmother seanmháthair / máthair mhór
grandchildren clann clainne
grandson garmhac / ó/ua (archaic)
granddaughter gariníon
grand nephew garnia
grand niece garneacht
great grandfather sin-seanathair
great grandmother sin-seanmháthair
great uncle sean-uncail / uncail mhór
great aunt sean-aintín / aintín mhór
father-in-law athair céile
mother-in-law máthair chéile
brother-in-law deartháir céile
sister-in-law deirfiúr chleamhnais

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