Weather words in Irish

Weather words and weather-related expressions in Irish with English equivalents.

General words and phrases

Gaeilge English
aimsir weather
aimsir bhreá fine weather
Lá breá gréine fine sunny day
Tá lá breá ann It's a fine day
te hot, warm
aimsir the warm weather
Tá sé te It's hot
grian sun
lá gréine a sunny day
grianmhar sunny
lá bréa grianmhar a fine sunny day
Tá an ghrian ag scoilteach na gloch It's very hot
(lit. "The sun is splitting the stones")
fuar cold
Tá sé fuar It's cold
lá fuar atá ann It's a cold day
Tá sé fuar fliuch It's cold and wet
tirim dry
aimsir thirim dry weather
drochaimsir bad weather
aimsir aimlithe
aimsir bhocht
aimsir chéasta
miserable weather
lá beag brónach miserable kind of day
fliuch wet
Tá sé fliuch It's wet
aimsir fhliuch wet, rainy weather
scamall cloud
scamallach cloudy
aimsir scamallach cloudy weather
Tá sé scamallach inniu It's cloudy today
ceo fog, mist, haze
ceo dlúth / doiléir thick fog
ceo trom dense fog
lá bog braonach soft misty day
Tá ceo ann It's foggy
Tá an ceo ag druidim isteach orainn The mist is closing in upon us
bogha báistí rainbow
sneachta snow
Tá sé ag cur sneachta It's snowing
flichshneachta sleet
casairneach hail, hailstorm
gaoth wind
gaofar windy
lá gaofar windy day
stoirm storm
Tá stoirm air There's a storm brewing

Words and idioms for rain

Gaeilge English
báisteach, fearthainn rain
Tá sé ag cur báisteach
Tá sé ag cur fearthainne
It's raining
Tá báisteach air It's going to rain
Tá cosúlacht báistí air It looks like rain
Tá cuma fearthainne air It looks like rain
Tá cló báistí ar an lá The day shows signs of rain
Tá sé ag bagairt báistí It's threatening rain
lá báistí rainy day
salachar ceo / báistí drizzling mist, rain
draonán báistí drizzling rain
lá buan fearthainne day of continuous rain
ag caidhleadh báistí driving rain
ag cáitheadh báistí pouring rain
ag clagairt báistí pelting rain
ag dallcairt báistí raining heavily
ag spéachadh báistí spitting rain
greadadh báistí pelting rain; drenching
báisteach dheannachtach cold drenching rain
batharnach bháistí downpour of rain
bús báistí pelting rain
cnap báistí sudden downpour
díle bháistí deluge of rain
gailfean báistí driving rain
maidhm bháistí cloudburst
Tá sé ag caitheamh sceana gréasaí It's throwing cobblers knives
Tá sé an bháisteach ag titim ina tulcaí The rain is coming down in torrents

Idioms for heavy rain in various languages

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