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Estonian tongue twisters (Kiirkõne)

Jüriöö ülestõus
St. George's Night uprising (in 1343)

musta lehma saba valge lehma taga, valge lehma saba musta lehma taga
the black cow's tail behind the white cow, the white cow's tail behind the black cow

the hatch of the bullet's flight trajectory (a palindrome)

the edge of the ice

the explorer of the moon

a worknight

the fence of the yard's edge

Ao äia õe uue oaõieaia õueaua ööau.
The nightly honour of the watchdog (yard dog) of the dawn's father-in-law's sister's new bean blossom garden. (Very-very artificial and utilises a very wide selection of language registers, it's a tongue twister even for natives!)


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