Zulu tongue twisters

Ingqeqebulane yaqaqela uqhoqhoqho, uqhoqhoqho waqaqela iqaqa, iqaqa laqalaza.
The expert talker loosened up for the trachea, the trachea loosened up for the polecat, and the zorilla (polecat) looked around in amazement.

Zaka zulu buka baju nampak bulu
The guy opens the shirt (so that you) can see hair

Amaxoxo ayaxokozela exoxa ngoxamu exhibeni.
The frogs are talking loudly about the monitor lizard.

UShabalala washabalala neshumi losheleni emshinini kashukela eshashalazini laseShowe.
Mr. Shabalala disappeared with one Rand at the sugar factory in the valley of eShowe.

uCele ucambalele ocansini ucabanga icebo lokuceba icetshwayo ngomcibilishono.
Cele is resting on a mat thinking of a plan to stab Cetshwayo with a spear.

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Tongue twisters in Zulu

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