Ontong Java (Luangiua)

Ontong Java is a Polynesian language spoken in the Solomon Islands, mainly on Ontong Java Atoll in Malaita Province. In 1999 there were about 2,400 speakers of Ontong Java, which is also known as Leuangiua, Lord Howe, Luaniua. The atoll on which it is spoken is also known as Luangiua Atoll or Lord Howe island.

Ontong Java is closely related to languages such as Takuu and Nukumanu, which are spoken in Papua New Guinea, and Sikaiana, which is spoken in the central Solomon Islands.

Ontong Java alphabet and pronunciation

Ontong Java alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Ontong Java (Excel)

Sample videos in Ontong Java


Information about the Ontong Java Language

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