Rennellese (Munggava / Mungiki)

Rennellese is a Polynesian language spoken by about 4,400 people in Rennell and Bellona Province of the Solomon Islands. Rennell, or Mungava (large island), and Bellona, or Mungiki (small mountain) are two of the Solomon Islands where the people and language are Polynesian.

Rennellese, which is also known as Rennell-Bellona, is recognized as the official language of Rennell and Bellona Province. The language is used in families, education, business and social life, and is spoken by most people in Rennell and Bellona as their first language.

There is a Rennellese dictionary and a number of other books, mainly written by Samuel H. Elbert between the 1960s and the 1990s.

Rennellese alphabet and pronunciation

Rennellese alphabet and pronunciation



Sample text

Kenakena te ngangi o Semoana
Na'e ou angatonu noku tuku matamata
Tangohia ki te ngangi mangama,
Saunia ki taku kakatu'a,
Te okiokinga o Tetonusanga.


Rich with fruit on all branches [is] the sky of Semoana
But your sacred share, which [you] have sent is still light (unripe)
[Let the tree] be covered [with fruit] in the sky of light
I make kuba magic in my small temple,
The resting place of Tetonusanga.

Part of a song called Te maghliti


Sample video in Rennellese

Information about Rennellese | Numbers


Information Rennellese

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