Rakahanga-Manihiki is an Eastern Polynesian language spoken on the islands of Rakahanga and Manihiki in the northern Cook Islands, and also in New Zealand and Australia. It is considered a variety of Cook Islands Māori, however is differs significantly from Rarotongan, and is in fact closely to New Zealand Māori. In 2011 there were 320 speakers of Rakahanga-Manihiki in the Cook Islands, and 2,500 in New Zealand

Rakahanga-Manihiki was first written with an orthography developed by missionaries from the London Missionary Society for Rarotongan. Some adjustments were needed to take pronunciation differences into account.

Rakahanga-Manihiki alphabet and pronunciation

Rakahanga-Manihiki alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Rakahanga-Manihiki (Excel)

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Information about Rakahanga-Manihiki

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