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Toilet signs in many languages

This page should help you to recognise the words for male and female toilets in a variety of languages.

You can click on the language names to see useful phrases in those languages.

Language Male toilet
Male toilet
Female toilet
Female toilet
Afrikaans Here Damen
Albanian Burra Gra
Amharic የወንዶች (yäwänədočə) የሴቶች (yäsetočə)
Arabic (Hamman lirrijal) حمام للرجال (Hamman linnisa'a) حمام للنساء
Bulgarian Мъже (Mǎže) Жени (Ženi)
Chinese 男 (Nán) 女 (Nǚ)
Czech Páni / Muže Dámy / Ženi
Danish Herrer Damer
Dutch Heren / Mannen Dames / Vrouwen
English Gentlemen / Gents Ladies
Estonian Meestele Naistele
Finnish Miehet Naiset
French Hommes Femmes
Frisian (West) Manlju Froulju
German Herren Damen
Greek Ανδρών (Andrṓn) Γυναικών (Ginaikṓn)
Hindi पुरुश (purush) महिलाएँ (mahilāẽ)
Hungarian Férfiak Nők
Icelandic Karlar Konur
Indonesian Pria Wanita
Irish (Gaelic) Fir Mná
Italian Signori / Uomini Signore / Donne
Japanese 男 (Otoko) 女 (Onna)
Latvian Vīriešu Sieviešu
Macedonian Мaшки (Maški) Женски (Ženski)
Malay Lelaki Perempuan
Maltese Rgiel Nisa
Norwegian Herrer / Menn Damer / Kvinner
Persian ﻣردانه زنانه
Polish Panowie / Męski Panie / Damski
Portuguese Homens Senhoras
Romanian Bărbaţi Femei
Russian Μужской (Muzhskoy)
Μужской Туалет (Muzhskoy Tualet)
Женский (Zhenskiy)
Женский Туалет (Zhenskiy Tualet)
Spanish Hombres / Caballeros Mujeres / Señoras
Slovenian Moški Ženske
Swahili Wanaume Wanawake
Swedish Herrar Damer
Thai ชาย (chaai) หญิง (yĭng)
Tamil ஆண் (āṇ) பெண (pen)
Turkish Erkekler Bayanlar
Tuvaluan Tāgata Fāfine
Welsh Dynion Merched

Information compiled by Sam Giloi

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