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Danish tongue twisters (Tungebrækkere / Spiritusprøve)

Han plukker frugt med en brugt frugtplukker.
He picks fruit with a used (second-hand) fruit picker.

Rød grød med fløde.
Red pudding with cream.

Røde rødøjede rådne ørreder.
Red redeyed rotten trouts.

Fem flotte flødeboller på et fladt flødebollefad.
Five flat cream puffs on a flat cream puff dish.

Ringeren I Ringe ringer ringere end ringeren ringer i Ringsted.
The church ringer in Ringe, is ringing more lousy than the church ringer in Ringsted.

Member of the commission to expropiate private property (for the building of) the bridge over Storstrømmen.

stativ, stakit, kasket
tripod, fence, cap

Bisp Bissens gibs gebis og bispindens gisp.
Bishop Bissen's plaster dentures and the bishop's wife's gasp.

Danish recordings by Thor Wiingaard


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