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Portuguese tongue twisters (travalínguas)

O doce perguntou pro doce qual doce que era mais doce.
O doce respondeu pro doce que o doce mais doce era o doce de batata doce.

The sweet asked the sweet which sweet was sweeter.
The sweet answered the sweet that the sweeter sweet was the sweet potato sweet.

Sabia que o sabiá sabia assobiar?
Did you know that the thrush could whistle?

O rato roeu a roupa do rei de Roma.
The rat nibbled the King of Rome's clothes.

O rato roeu a rolha da garrafa de rum do rei da Rússia.
The rat nibbled the cork of the bottle of rum of the king of Russia.

Um prato de trigo para três tigres.
One dish of wheat to three tigers

Três tristes tigres.
Three sad tigers

Um sábio soube saber que o sabiá sabia assobiar.
A wise man knew to know that a bird knew to whistle.

Xico xereta chupava chupeta chutou a caixinha puxou a gaveta.
Curious Xico sucked the pacifier, kicked the box pulled the shelf.


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