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Jenticha   जेँःतिच ब्रेःसे / jẽtica brese

Jenticha was developed by Krishna Bahadur Jenticha (1926-1991) in the 1942 to write Sunuwar. It is used mainly in Sikkim, where it officially recognised, though Devanagari is more commonly used to write Sunuwar. Jenticha was originally a phonemic alphabet, but later became a syllabic alphabet

Jenticha has been used to produce books for use in primary schools, for poetry, histories, a newspaper, a grammar, government records, academic works and so on.

Notable features

Used to write

Sunuwar (कोँइच / Kõits), a member of the Kiranti branch of the Tibeto-Burman language family spoken by about 40,000 people in eastern Nepal and Sikkim, where it is an official language. It is also known as Kõits-Lo (कोँइच लो / kõica lo), Mukhiya (मुखिया / mukhiyā) and Kiranti-Kõits (किराँती-कोँइच / kirā̃tī-kõica). The native name for the language is Kõits (कोँइच / kõica,), which is also written Koinch, Koincha and Koints.

Jenticha and Devanagari scripts for Sunuwar

Jenticha and Devanagari scripts for Sunuwar

Download a speadsheet of this chart | Preliminary Proposal to Encode the Jenticha Script

Information about Sunuwar | Tower of Babel in Sunuwar


Information about the Jenticha script

Information about Sunuwar

Syllabic alphabets / abugidas

Languages written with the Devanāgarī alphabet

Tibeto-Burman languages

Achang, Arakanese, Balti, Bantawa, Bisu, Burmese, Dzongkha, Garo, Hajong, Hmar, Karen, Kayah Li, Ladakhi, Lahu, Lepcha, Limbu, Lisu, Manipuri, Marma, Mro, Naxi, Nepal Bhasa / Newari, Sikkimese, Sunuwar, Tibetan, Tshangla, Tujia, Yi

Other languages written with the Latin alphabet

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