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Fox (Meshkwahkihaki)

Fox, or Meskwaki, is an Algonquian language spoken by about 1,000 Fox (Meshkwahkihaki), Sauk (oθaakiiwaki) and Kickapoo (Kiikaapoa) people in parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, Arizona in the USA, and in Coahuila in northern Mexico. The three dialects are Fox, Sauk and Kickapoo, which some consider to be closely related though separate languages.

Fox is also known as Mesquakie, Meskwaki or Meshkwahkihaki. Sauk is also known as Sac or Sac and Fox. Kickapoo is also known as Kikapú.

The majority of Fox speakers are elderly or middle aged, There is a bilingual education program in the tribal school in the Meskwaki Settlement in Iowa.

Fox pronuncation

Fox pronunciation


The sound /θ/ is written th or θ

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