Assorted 'useful' foreign phrases

These phrases come mainly from phrasebooks and language courses. Some of them are intended to illustrate particular grammatical points, others I just found amusing. Finding occasions to use them might be quite challenging, but you'll probably have fun trying. Maybe you could use them as ice breakers, chat-up lines, as part of a comedy routine, or for some surreal conversations.

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Îmi poţi împrumuta puţin spatula ta?
Can I borrow your spatula?

Cu cana poţi să bei lapte, dar cu pisica nu poţi să tai lemne.
You can drink milk with a cup, but you can't cut wood with a cat.

Ei au o bufniţă, un liliac și un pinguin
They have an owl, a bat and a penguin

Eu nu am lupi. Am papagali
I don't have wolves. I have parrots.

Contribuim cu două bufniţe
We contribute with two owls

Ca caută ursul în șifonier?
What is the bear doing in the wardrobe?

Eu am o linguriță lungă
I have a long spoon

Eu mănânc castravetele bun
I eat the good cucumber

Curcanul este pe masă
The turkey is on the table

Am un cuptor plin cu pui
I have an oven filled with chickens

Eu am o ceapă iute
I have a hot onion

Noi avem o raţă înceată
We have a slow duck

Plouă cu bărbați
It's raining men

Mă topesc din cauza soarelui
I melt because of the sun

Eu o să vând pantofi portocalii
I will sell orange shoes

Eu am văzut o bufniță râzând
I saw an owl laughing

Bărbatul mănâncă înghețată cu muștar
The man eats ice cream with mustard


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