Assorted 'useful' foreign phrases

These phrases come mainly from phrasebooks and language courses. Some of them are intended to illustrate particular grammatical points, others I just found amusing. Finding occasions to use them might be quite challenging, but you'll probably have fun trying. Maybe you could use them as ice breakers, chat-up lines, as part of a comedy routine, or for some surreal conversations.


Het strijkijzer is aan, wees voorzichtig.
The iron is on, be careful.

Ik ben uitgegleden over een bananenschil.
I slipped on the banana peel.

Waar zijn de lepels en de vorken van de zoon?
Where are the spoons and the forks of the son?

Serveert u ook rabarber in dit restaurant?
Do you serve rhubarb in this restaurant?

Dat is de derde keer deze week dat één van de patienten spontaan is geëxplodeerd.
That is the third time this week that one of the patients has spontaneously exploded.

Pardon, ik ben een appel
Excuse me, I am an apple

Nee, je bent geen appel
No, you are not an apple


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