Ishkashimi (Šëkošmi zëvůk)

Ishkashimi is an Iranian language spoken in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province in Tajikistan, Badakhshan Province in Afghanistan, and in Chitral region of Pakistan. Ishkashimi speakers live mostly in small villages near Ishkashim in Afghanistan, and also in the villages of Ryn and Sumjin in Tajikistan near the border with Afghanistan.

Ishkashimi is closely related to Zebaki and Sanglechi, and was formerly classified as a variety of Sanglechi. However, the two languages have been recognised as separate since 2010.

In Afghanistan, Ishkashimi is used mainly in private in families and among friends. In education and other domains, the main language used is Dari.

Ishkashimi, which is also known as Eškāšmī, was first documented in the late 19th century. Until recently the language was rarely written, and attempts were made to introduce the version of Cyrillic used to write Tajik during the 1990s.

Ishkashimi alphabet and pronunciation

Ishkashimi alphabet and pronunciation


An acute accent (á) is used to indicate stress.

Download Ishkashimi alphabet charts in PDF or Excel

Information abou the Ishkashimi alphabet and pronunciation compiled by Wolfram Siegel.

Sample text

vьdů́k na-vьdů́k uk potšo. í-no vьdů́k rů zas. i ʸuk zas kal, i dь́v-i dьgar toza. ba ak-ám dь vrú-yi toza ag-má kál-i tana díyon: „tь-t kal, íč-či ári kьnůk bas-ná-isi!“ ak-ám vru šů, xe tó-bo γážu: „a to, mь vrudarь́n-ьs mь́m-bo γážon-ьs za, tь-t kal, íč-či ári kьnůk bas-ná-isi!“ am i tó-noy qar sánu, fь́rmayu wan za: „xe vrudarь́n qiw kьn!“

Translation in Russian

Был ли, не был один царь. У него было три сына. Один его сын плешивый, два другие неплешивые. Эти два брата упрекают плешивца: „Ты, плешивец, ничего не умеешь делать!“ Этот брат идет, говорит своему отцу: „Ой отец, мои братья мне говорят, что ты, плешивый, ничего не умеешь делать!“ Отец рассердаился, приказывает ему: „Позови своих братьев!“

Source: Т.Н. Пахалина: Ишкашимский язык. Издательство Академии Наук СССР. Москва 1959.

Sample text provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

Information about Ishkashimi | Numbers in Ishkashimi


Information about Ishkashimi

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