Sarikoli (tujik ziv)

Sarikoli is a member of the Pamir subgroup of the Southeastern Iranian languages spoken in by about 35,000 mainly in the Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County in southern Xinjiang in the north west of China. There are also some Sarikoli speakers in the area of Kashmir in Pakistan near the Chinese border.

Sarikoli, which is also known as Sariqoli, Selekur, Sarikul, Sariqul or Sariköli, is known in China as the 'Tajik language' (塔吉克语 [Tǎjíkèyǔ]), though is not the same as the Tajik spoken in Tajikistan.

There is no official written form of Sarikoli. In publications in China the IPA is used to transliterate Sarikoli, while in Russia a version of the Latin alphabet similar to that used for Wakhi is used (see below). Sarikoli speakers in China are mostly educated through the medium of Uyghur and some may be able to write Sarikoli using the Uyghur alphabet.

Sarikoli alphabet and pronunciation

Sarikoli alphabet and pronunciation

There is also a Latin-based orthography used in China. See:色勒库尔语

Sample text

Sample text in Sarikoli


Veδǰ na veδǰ, i qalandar veδǰ. Wí-yan-i veδǰ i γ̌ín-ay aróy pыc. Wi aróy pы́c-ir γ̌in na vrɛyd-i. Woδ bačóxéyl lévin iko: «Ató, maš tɛy ǰald ka!» I maθ-át wef ató tizd γ̌in x̌ikéyg-ir wef-ir. Ič ǰuy γ̌in na vrɛyd, wázhafest az ыm. Ter nuγusúr yoδd ikó, i ɛwrát nalы́šč. Wí-yan dos sыrát veδǰ ikó, xalg a-wí wand, sыst sɛwd: X̌ób-ir cыréw set asúk, maθón-ir xer set asúl. Tom a-wí zozd, tizd az ыm. Tizd xы, postdér yoδd xы, tom yы ɛwrát wí-ri levd iko: «Šič a-mы́ɛwd láka, xы bačoyéf az iwí par mы buz! Čidúm-yur bacóyik a-mы́zux̌t, tыyd, waz ki-wí-ri frófsam, waz wi γ̌in som, yы mы čur sɛwd».

Russian translation

Было ли не было, был один дервиш. У него была жена и трое сыновей. Тем троим сыновьям он не находил жен. Те дети как-то раз говорят: "Отец, поторопись с нашей свадьбой!". Однажды их отец уходит искать им жен. Он нигде не находит жел, возвращастся обратно. Спускается он с горы, а там сидит какя-то женщина. У нее бест: ночью она словно светильник, диет словно солнце. Он берет ее, уводит оттуда. Идет он, спускается ниже, и тут та женщина говорит ему: "Теперь ты оставь меня здесь, а своих детей посылай за мной по одному! Тот, кто меня возьмет, уведет, тому я и достанусь, женой того и стану, тот стачет мне мужем".

English translation

There has not been a dervish. He had a wife and three sons. Those three sons he did not find wives. Those children once say: "Father, hurry up with our wedding!". One day, their father takes them to seek wives. He never returns back. He descends from the mountain and there was a woman sitting there. She has a best: at night she seemed to light, like the sun diets. He takes it, takes out. He goes, down below, and then the woman said to him: "Now you leave me here, and their children sent for me one person who I would take, would lead, what I'll get, the wife of that and will not, he stachet my husband".

Source: Т.Н.Пахалина: Сарыкольский Язык. Москва - 1966.

Sample text provided by Wolfgang Kuhl. Transcription and Russian and English versions supplied by Michael Peter Füstumum

Information about Sarikoli | Numbers


Information about Sarikoli

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