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General sites about conlangs

Scattered Tongues - the conlang webring

Artificial Language Platform - Turkey's largest Turkish resource platform for articifical language

Constructed Languages - information, and discussion group

The Language Construction Kit

Conlang Wikia

How to create a language

The Department of Planned Languages of the Austrian National Library

Designing an Alien Alphabet

Details of a number of conlangs, links to other conlang sites, and fonts for conlangs

Analysis of writing used in the Star Wars films

Conlangs groups and forums>

Conlangery Podcast



Multlingva Inform-Centro - information about Esperanto in many different languages and links to a wide range of Esperanto resources:

UEA: Universala Esperanto-Asocio

Online Esperanto lessons

Online Esperanto dictionaries

Esperanto radio

La mondo en Esperanto

Information about Esperanto | Phrases | Numbers | Time | Family words | Tower of Babel | Articles | Learning materials



Uniono por la Lingua Internaciona (IDO) - the offical website with information on Ido in many different languages:

An introduction to the International Language (Ido)

Information about Ido | Phrases | Numbers | Tower of Babel



Union Mundial pro Interlingua - information about Interlingua in a variety of languages:

American Society for Interlingua

Danish Society for Interlingua

Online Interlingua > English dictionary (Introduction)

Interlingua-English Dictionary

Information about the Interlingua alphabet and language

Information about Interlingua | Numbers | Phrases | Tower of Babel



An introduction to Solresol, by Stephen L. Rice

Grammar of Solresol, by Professor Boleslas Gajewski (French) (English)

Information about Solresol | Phrases | Numbers | Family words



Handbook of Volapük - by Charles E. Sprague (first published in 1888)

Online lessons in Volapük and links to online Volapük resources

Further information about Volapük

Information about Volapük | Phrases | Numbers | Time | Family words

Other International Auxiliary Languages (IALs)

Basic English


Lingua Franca Nova

Online Lingua Franca Nova lessons

Disionario de Lingua Franca Nova (dictionary)

Information about Lingua Franca Nova | Phrases | Numbers | Tower of Babel

Mondlango (Ulango)

OneTongue World Auxiliary Language


Information about many different IALs


Tolkien's languages

The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship - an international organization devoted to the scholarly study of the invented languages of J.R.R. Tolkien:

Ardalambion - a site about the Tolkien's invented languages

Tolkien's alphabets and languages

Cirth | Sarati | Tengwar for Quenya | Tengwar for Sindarin | Uruk Runes | Links | Books about Tolkien's languages | Tolkien's books


Star Trek languages


Klingon Language Institute

Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps

Klingon alphabet

Online Klingon lessons

Online Klingon dictionaries

Klingon fonts

Information about Klingon | Phrases | Numbers | Tower of babel | Learning materials


Information about the Romulan language

Romulan <> English dictionary

Romulan Universal Translator Assistant

Free Romulan fonts

Information about the Romulan alphabet



D'ni Guild - news and information on D'ni-related topics

Guild of Linguists - information on the D'ni alphabet and language

Official Website for the Restoration of D'ni

Information about the D'ni alphabet


Other constructed languages and alphabets

Al Bakiyye - a conlang and conscript based on Turkic languages

Asoon Alphabet - a combination of the Latin and Arabic alphabet that can be used to write Arabic, Persian, or Japanese:

aUI - a constructed language invented by W. John Weilgart (1913–1981), a philologist and psychoanalyst, with the intention of creating a form of communication based on what he proposed to be universal, basic elements of human thought and expression

Chia - a script designed for use on electronic devices for English, Chinese, Japanese and other languages

ELEN - a conlang based on Basque, Nordic languages, Finnish, Russian, Chinese and Sanskrit

Erling (Earth Lingua) - a new Universal Language (PDF)

Euriziano / Eurizian: a common language for europe - a simplified version of Latin intended as an international auxiliary language

Fakoo, die alternative Punktschrift (9-Punkt-Schrift oder 9-Punkte-Schrift) von Alexander Fakoó - a alphabet based on Braille designed to make it easier for blind, visually impaired and sighted people to communicate with each other:

interskript - a method of unifying Latin, Cyrillic and Shavian spelling systems

Ithkuil - a philosophical and logical language

Kah - a language with vocabulary based on a few hundred basic roots which form compounds

Marulipi -

Learn Na'vi (the language from the film Avatar)

Neoglyphi - a neoglyphic language using glyphs to express ideas. The purpose of Neoglyphi is to be able to write faster using symbols as words, parts of words, and whole ideas. Symbols can be put together in sigil form to convey a lot of information:

Physioalphabet / Human Physiological Alphabet, a featural, universal alphabet based on the human physiology used to produce speech

Sarus and Septaglyphs - a language and script that appears in teh Brackenwood series of animations

The Scripts of Mattias Persson - the Unstoppable Alphabet-maker of Uppsala

Universal Picture Language

Uygur Alfabesi (New Turkish Alphabet) - a way to write Turkish with the old Uyghur alphabet


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