Adaizan (Tenánat Hadéyas)

The Adaizan language was spoken in Louisiana until about 1820. It was spoken in west-central Louisiana between the Red and Sabine Rivers, in Natchitoches and Sabine Parish, and at the Adayes Spanish mission. After that mission closed in 1773, some of the Adaizan moved to Texas and joined Caddoan groups there.

Adaizan is known mainly from a word list made in 1804. Adaizan was thought be a Caddoan language, however it is now considered a language isolate. Efforts are currently underway to reconstruct the language.

Adaizan is also known as Adai, Adaizi, Adaise, Adahi, Adaes, Adees or Atayos.

Adaizan alphabet and pronunciation

Adaizan alphabet and pronuciation

Download an alphabet chart for Adaizan (Excel)

Sample text (The Lord's Prayer) - Orasyô de Kaditókæt

Kewánïk de hekacán dan gænïk,
Nómre de Enálœk ma-se awistawíste
Ma-beníri réino de Enálœk
Boluntá de Enálœk ma-aséri dan kápœt así dan gænïk
Dá'e-a-hekacán nalínancœs okhápïn de hekacán tonalínacœs
I peldonári-a-hekacán múncos kosašáwe de hekacán
Así hekacán peldonári a nótæk múncos hayænu ke aséri ašáwe a hekacán
I jéska gyári-a-hekacán dan asinacavašáwe péro salbári-a-hekacán de Ašáwe
Pórke réino, podé, i glórya de enalœk
Pa totovetsnácœs, amén

Information provided by Boyd Ocon

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Information about the Adaizan language

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