Tunica (Luhchi Yoroni)

Tunica is a language isolate that was spoken in the central and lower Mississippi valley in central Louisiana in the USA by the Tunica people. The last known native speaker, Sesostrie Youchigant, died in 1948. Before then, he worked with the linguist, Mary Haas, to document Tunica. The information she collected was published as a grammar in 1941, and a dictionary in 1953.

As part of efforts to revive the language, the Tunica-Biloxi tribe set up a Tunic Language Project in partnership with the linguistics department at Tulane University in 2010. Since then learning materials have been produced, and by 2017, 32 people were speaking Tunica.

Tunica alphabet and pronunciation

Tunica alphabet and pronunciation

Hear the sounds of Tunica


Download an alphabet chart for Tunica (Excel)

Details of the Tunica alphabet and pronuciation compiled by Wolfram Siegel

Sample video in Tunica

Information about Tunica | Numbers


Information about Tunica

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