Kuot (Panaris)

Kuot is a language isolate spoken by about 2,400 people (in 2002) in New Ireland in Papua New Guinea, mainly on the northwest coast of the island. The language is also known as Panaras and Panaris. The name Kuot was first used by Edgar Walden in 1911.

Kuot is currently classified as an endangered language. Few children are growing up as native speakers of Kuot, but are using the Tok Pisin language instead.

Kuot alphabet and pronunciation

Kuot alphabet and pronunciation

Download a Kuot alphabet chart (Excel)

Sample text (Lord's Prayer)

Mamo paŋ la nunama na panbinim, bonim nuo le ionaŋ ga babau ba. Inamon nuŋ le muioŋ na uriro kimanam. Eba opouluan agat nuŋ na uro kimanam are angelop la omeuluan agat nuŋ na panbinim. Titot le pakamneŋ parak puoieŋ na uro la, Ga navaiaŋ kirinim paŋ are pava gat la pavaio kirinim maioŋ teip ga magaulap la okosarmeŋ ira pa. Baraba panuala na noba uvuvuo, pa panaranaŋ na kilan a Satan. Nunuo le unuale bo inamon, ga maniŋ urier kukunim, ga eba maniŋ bonim ula kakanu atatan makin. Amen.

Source: http://worldbibles.org/language_detail/tgl/kto/Kuot

Information supplied by Michael Peter Füstumum


Information about the Kuot language

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