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Welsh idioms (Idiomau Cymraeg)

A collection of idiomatic expressions in Welsh with English equivalents and translations.

Idioms English versions
A ddwg ŵy a ddwy fwy A leopard never changes his spots
("He who steals an egg will steal more")
Angel pen ffordd, diawl pen tân Charming to outsiders, a devil in the home, two-faced
("An angel on the road, a devil at the fireplace")
Ar gefn ei geffyl gwyn Full of mischief
("On the back of his white horse")
Ar y gweill In progress
("On the (knitting) needles")
Cyntaf i'r felin caiff falu First come, first served
The early bird catches the worm
("First to the mill will get to grind")
Cenedl heb iaith yw cenedl heb galon A nation without a language is a nation without a heart
Dawnsio ar y dibyn Playing with fire
("Dancing on the cliff edge")
Dim yn yr un cae Not in the same league
("Not in the same field")
Gwell fy mwthyn fy hun na phlas arall Better my own cottage than the palace of another
Gwna dda dros ddrwg, uffern ni'th ddwg Repay evil with good, and hell will not claim you
Mae fe'n gwybod hyd ei gyrn He knows his own strengths and weaknesses
("He knows the length of his horns")
Mae e'n cadw draenog yn ei boced He's tight with money
("He keeps a hedgehog in his pocket")
Mae fe'n lladd gwair He's killing time
("He's mowing hay")
Mae'n draed moch arna fi I've made a mess or in a mess about something I've done
("There is pigs feet on me")
Mae'r esgid yn gwasgu Money is scarce
("The shoe is very tight")
Mi rown fy mhen i'w dorri I'm absolutely certain
("I'll give my head for breaking")
Paid â chodi pais ar ôl piso Don't cry over spilt milk
("Don't raise your petticoat after peeing")
Rhoi'r ffidil yn y tô To throw in the towel
("Put the fiddle in the roof")
Roedd hi'n berwi fel cawl pys She was chattering/talking incessantly
("She was boiling like pea soup")
Segurdod yw clod y cledd Power is best when it's not used
("A sword's credit is its idleness")
Yn cerdded yn ling di long To dilly dally
("To loiter or walk casually")


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