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Weather words in Welsh

Weather words and weather-related expressions in Welsh with English equivalents.

General words and phrases

Weather is refered to as hi (she/it) in Welsh, and when you put the above words into phrases, they are structed as follows:

You can miss out the hi in all these phrases, e.g. Mae'n braf. To talk about weather in the past just change mae or roedd, and for future weather change it to bydd, e.g. Roedd hi'n oer neithiwr (It was cold last night), Bydd hi'n braf yfory, gobeithio (It'll be fine tomorrow, hopefully).

Types of rain and other forms of precipitation

Idioms for heavy rain

Other idioms for heavy rain in various languages

Other weather-related expressions and sayings

Hear Welsh words for weather:


Sources and more weather words in Welsh

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