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Chilcotin (Tŝinlhqut’in)

Chilcotin is a Northern Athabaskan language spoken by about 860 people in British Columbia in Canada, mainly in Nemiah Valley west of Williams Lake. The language is also known as Tsilhqot’in, Tsilhqut’in or Tzilkotin, and the native name for the language is Tŝinlhqut’in, [ts̠ˤʰᵊĩɬqʰotʼin], which means "people of the red ochre river".

The Naghtaneqed Elementary Jr. Secondary School runs Chilcotin language classes from Kindergarten to grade nine, and also a culture week. Chilcotin immersion daycare is also available for infants and preschoolers.

Chilcotin alphabet and pronunciation

Chilcotin alphabet and pronunciation

Download a PDF of the Chilcotin alphabet (in German)

Details of Chilcotin pronunciation provided by Wolfram Siegel

Sample text

Gunzun nexwanaghinyah Tsilhqot'in ch'ih yaghultɨg.


It is good you have come, let us speak Chilcotin!



Information about the Chilcotin language

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