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Sekani (Tse'khene)

Sekani is a Northern Athabaskan language spoken in north-central British Columbia in Canada by about 30 people. The Sekani people live in the Kwadacha Nation in Fort Ware, north of Prince George in British Columbia, at the confluence of the Fox, Kwadacha and Finlay rivers.

Sekani alphabet and pronunciation

Sekani alphabet and pronunciation

Sekani has two tones: high and low. The low tone is indicated by a grave accent (à). Other syllables are pronounced with a high tone.

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Corrections by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample text

Gwuda muma kwùne ghidubùt. Dǫ̀ʼawwòòlàh. ʼIi sǫ chighdudùlh ʼighdudììchèh. Muma chets --- chighdugeh.


His family was hungry there. They were starving. Then they pulled out of their camp to try to subsist. They were packing him (Tsìgazii) as they pull out.



Information about the Sekani language and people

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