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Jicarilla (Abáachi mizaa)

Jicarilla is an Southern Athabaskan language spoken by about 680 people in the counties of Rio Arriba and Sandoval in New Mexico in the USA. There are 300 native speakers, according to a 2000 census, and 380 semi-fluent speakers. Efforts are being made to revitalize the language, including a dictionary, classes and camps for young people. The language is also known as Jicarilla Apache, as are the people who speak it. They call themselves Tinde or Dinde ("the People"), or Haisndayin ("people who came from below").

Jicarilla alphabet and pronunciation

Jicarilla pronunciation

Jicarilla has three tones: the high tone is marked with an acute accent (á); the low tone is unmarked, and falling tone is indicated by a sequence of an acute-accented vowel and an unmarked vowel (áa).

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Information about the Jicarilla alphabet and pronunciation compiled by Wolfram Siegel

Sample text

Shíí Rita shíízhii. Lósii’yé shii’deeshchí̲í̲ shí̲í̲ á’ee néésai. Shiika’éé na’iizii’íí nahiikéyaa’íí miiná’iisdzo’íí éí yaa shishí̲í̲. Shii’máá éí gé koghá’yé sidá nahaa daashishí̲í̲. Shiidádéé naakii. Dáłaa’é éí édi̲i̲. Dáłaa’é éí dá aada’é miigha̲. Shiishdázha dáłánéé.


My name is Rita. I was born and grew up in Dulce. My father worked to take care of our land. My mother stayed home and took care of all of us. I had two sisters. One of them is deceased. The other lives far from here.



Information about the Jicarilla language and people

The Jicarilla Apache Nation website

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