The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Banjogi (Bawm)

Babulon Insâng

  1. A tîr chun, laikulh minung zawzawng tla chu thu munkhat mang hen hawlh khat hen an hawlh.
  2. Saklei kângah an va kal le, Babulon ramsung Shinar phâi ah an um.
  3. “Chei! Tual kan rawh lai,” an ti. Churawhchun tual rawh mi leh a senghnâk an nei rawh.
  4. “Tuah khuapi siam sele, vân tawngh khet hen insâng kan sak lai, kan min thangnâk ding leh tual tlûnah kanna rek ver lonâk ding hen,” an ti.
  5. LALPA chu an khuapi siam leh insâng an sak mi zauh ding hen a hawng ṭum le,
  6. “Hi minung tla hi tuah anna khat hen hawlh pakhat hen an hawlh; hi hi thilti ding an tum mi an dawmh mi chu asi ko rawh. Sâwtlotê ah an duh mi zawng an ti kho ko lai!
  7. Kan va ṭum lai le, anna pêm lonâk ding hen an hawlh tla kan chawmh piak na lai,” a ti.
  8. Churawhchun LALPA nih tual ah mun kipah a rek na le, khuapi an siam mi chu an bângtâk rawh.
  9. Chu khuapi chu Babel (Babulon) an ti. Chunah chun LALPA nih an hawlh tla a dang piak na hen, chu thawk ber chun tual tlûn mun kipah a rek na ruangah.

Source: Bawm Common Language Bible Version. Bangladesh Bible Society, 2006.

Bawm is a Tibeto-Burman language spoken mainly in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of southeastern Bangaldesh, and also in neighbouring parts of India and Burma / Myanmar. It is also known as Bawm Chin or Banjogi.

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Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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