The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)


Miˬguiˬ hkʼoˆ tawˇ hkawˇ laiˉ ceuˬ cawˬ la ve

  1. Awˬ hkuiˉ puiˍ htaˇ, chaw yaˇ teˇ hpaˍ lehˬ tawˇ hkawˇ teˇ ceuˬ ceh tiˉ yehˇ chehˇ ve yoˬ.
  2. Chaw yaˇ teˇ hpaˍ hpaˍ, mvuhˇ nyi tawˆ hpawˇ Baˍbuˍlonˍ mvuhˇmiˬ lo kʼai leh, oˇ kaˬ lo cawˬ ve miˬ tawˬ kuiˬ lonˉ teˇ maˬ hkʼaw ca chehˇ taˍ ve yoˬ.
  3. Yawˇ hui teˇ hpaˍ lehˬ, Laˬ-o‸. Ngaˬ hui heh ve li kiˉ shiˍ teˇ hpaˍ chiˆ hpoˆ shaˍ, teh‸ teˇ gʼaˇ leh teˇ gʼaˇ kʼoˆ da‸ ve yoˬ. Hkʼe te leh, yawˇ hui li kiˉ shiˍ teˇ hpaˍ te hpoˆ leh yehˬ kawˍ htaˇ suhˆ tcuhˇ teˇ ceuˬ hta‸ yehˇ ve yoˬ.
  4. Oˇ htaˇ yawˇ hui kʼoˆ ve, Laˬ-o‸, ngaˬ hui miˬguiˬ chi hkʼoˆ lo maˇ gʼa hpaˆ da‸ kʼai tuˬ, leh ngaˬ hui da‸ ve awˬ meh gʼa tuˬ, venˇ lonˉ leh mvuhˇ naw ma hta‸ daw‸ taˍ ve ta‸ yehˬ lonˉ teˇ maˬ te shaˍ, teh‸ kʼoˆ ve yoˬ.
  5. Chaw yaˇ teˇ hpaˍ oˇ hkʼe te chehˇ ve hta‸ ca nyi la tuˬ, Gʼuiˬsha lehˬ mvuhˇ naw ma hkʼoˆ lo ya‸ la ve yoˬ.
  6. Oˇ htaˇ Gʼuiˬsha lehˬ, Chaw yaˇ chi teˇ hpaˍ, chaw teˇ ceuˬ tiˉ hpeh‸ leh tawˇ teˇ hkawˇ tiˉ yehˇ ve pa taw, yawˇ hui kanˉ chi hta‸ tanˬ te gʼa chehˇ ve yoˬ. Maˇ maw maw yawˇ hui lehˬ, yawˇ hui te gaˇ ve hkʼe te gʼa la tuˬ yoˬ.
  7. Ngaˬ hui miˬguiˬ hkʼoˆ lo ya‸-e leh, yawˇ hui tawˇ yaw da‸ ve teˇ gʼaˇ leh teˇ gʼaˇ na maˇ gʼa da‸ tuˬ ca te piˇ-a veuˬ, teh‸ kʼoˆ ve yoˬ.
  8. Hkʼe te leh, Gʼuiˬsha lehˬ chaw yaˇ oˇ ve teˇ hpaˍ hta‸ chehˇ kuiˬ oˇ ve hkʼaw hpaˆ da‸ kʼai piˇ lawˬ leh, yawˇ hui te chehˇ ve venˇ lonˉ oˇ ve hta‸ htawˇ, baˬ taˉ piˇ lawˬ ve yoˬ.
  9. Gʼuiˬsha lehˬ, chaw yaˇ teˇ gʼaˇ leh teˇ gʼaˇ tawˇ yaw ve maˇ pawnˍ da‸ tuˬ te piˇ ve pa taw, chehˇ kuiˬ oˇ ve hta‸ Baˍbuˍlonˍ teh‸ meh piˇ ve yoˬ. Oˇ ve hkʼaw‸ nawˉ, chaw yaˇ teˇ hpaˍ hkʼaˬ hpawˇ chi hpawˇ lo ca chehˇ kʼai ve yoˬ.

Source: Lahu Bible. Thailand Bible Society, 2010.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

Lahu is a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in China, Thailand and Burma by about 640,000 people.

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