The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Gaelg (Manx Gaelic)

  1. As va'n seihll ooilley jeh'n un chengey, as jeh'n un ghlare.
  2. As haink eh gy-koine, myr ghow ad nyn yurnah lesh y shar, dy daink ad gys cheer rea ayns thalloo Shinar; as ayns shen ren ad cummal.
  3. As dooyrt ad ry-cheilley, Tar-jee, lhig dooin breekyn y yannoo, as slane lostey ad: As va breekyn oc ayns ynnyd claghyn, as va pick-hallooin oc son mortar.
  4. As dooyrt ad, Tar-jee, lhig dooin ard-valley as toor y hroggal, e vullagh nee roshtyn gys nian; as lhig dooin ynnyd vaghee shickyr y yannoo dooin hene, nagh bee mayd skeaylt veih my cheilley er slane eaghtyr y thallooin.
  5. As haink y Chiarn neaose dy chur-my-ner yn ard-valley, as y toor va cloan gheiney dy hroggal.
  6. As dooyrt y Chiarn, Cur-my-ner ta'n pobble myr unnane, as ta'n un ghlare oc ooilley: as shoh t'ad er ghoaill orroo dy yannoo; as nish cha bee nhee erbee er ny lhiettal vou, t'ad er n'ghoaill ayns laue dy yannoo.
  7. Tar-jee, lhig dooin goll sheese, as ayns shen coyrt shaghrynys er y ghlare oc, nagh vod yn derrey-yeh toiggal glare yn jeh-elley.
  8. Er shoh ren y Chiarn skeaylley ad magh veih shen harrish slane eaghtyr y thallooin; as scuirr ad veih toiggal yn ard-valley.
  9. Shen-y-fa te enmyssit Babel, er yn-oyr dy nee ayns shen hug y Chiarn shaghrynys er glare ooilley yn seihll: as veih shen ren y Chiarn ad y skeayley harrish slane eaghtyr y thallooin.

From: Bible Chasherick yn Lught Thie (The Manx Family Bible) 1979

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