Manx idioms (Idiomau Cymraeg)

A collection of idiomatic expressions and sayings in Manx, with English equivalents and translations.

Idioms English versions
Cha beayn as lomman arree As constant as the dry east wind
("As constant as the dry wind of spring")
Cha bennin rish son airh ny argid I wouldn't touch it with a barge-pole
("I wouldn't touch it for gold or silver")
Cha bog as eeym As soft as butter
Cha boght as lugh killagh As poor as a church mouse
Cha bouyr as clagh As deaf as a doorpost
("As deaf as a stone")
Cha buigh as airh As yellow as gold
Cha dullyr as vaik oo rieau As clear as ditch water
("As gloomy/fuzzy as you ever see")
Cha feayr as clagh As cold as a stone
Cha follan as breck As fit as a fiddle, As sound as a bell
("As healthy as a trout")
Cha follan as mwaagh As fit as a fiddle, Brimful of health
("As healthy as a hare")
Cha gial as sniaghtey As white as snow, snow-white
Cha jeean as shellan As keen as mustard
("As keen as a bee")
Cha marroo as skeddan As dead as a dodo, stone dead
("As dead as a herring")
Cha meenearagh as muc As bold as brass
("As bold as a pig")
Cha tarroogh as shellan As busy as a bee
Cha mial as ainle As gentle as a lamb
("As gentle as an angel")
Cha shickyr as ta'n Chaist er yn Doonaght As sure as eggs is eggs
("As sure as Easter is on Sunday")
Cha skeoigh as lugh 'sy chreeagh As snug as a bug in a rug
("As snug as a mouse at the border")
Cho ard rish Toor Vabel As high as the Tower of Babel
Cho creoi rish y darragh As hard as oak
Cho bouyr as clagh Stone cold
("As cold as a stone")
Custhey skeddan marroo Flogging a dead horse
("Flogging a dead herring")
Jeeragh tessen çheerey As the crow flies
("Straight across the land")

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