Colour words in Manx

Words for colours in Manx with notes and colour-related expressions.

The word for colour in Manx is daah [ˈdeː] (pl: daaghyn [ˈdeːən]). Daah also means colouration, dye, hue, paint, pigment, scorch, singe, stain, suit or tincture.


black doo [du] - black, dark, dirty, ink, inky, sable; black-haired, black headed, bold

Etymology: from the Old Irish dub, from the Proto-Celtic *dubu- (black), from the Proto-Indo-European *dʰewbʰ- (black).


  • doo-ghorrym - blue-black
  • deyll-ghoo - jet black
  • doo-dorraghey - pitch black
  • dooagh - inky, melancholic, sombre
  • margey doo - black market
  • sooill ghoo - black eye
  • Yn Vooir Ghoo - The Black Sea
  • cur 'sy lioar doo - to blacklist
  • ayns doo-gheurey - in the dead/depth of winter

white bane [bɛːn] - white, blank, pallid; fair, blonde; fallow, desolate

Etymology: from the Old Irish bán, from the Proto-Celtic *bānos (white), from the Proto-Indo-European *bʰeh₂- (to shine)


  • bane-ghial - pure white
  • gial-vane - sparkling white
  • cha gial as sniaghtey - snow-white, as white as snow
  • baneaghey - to whiten
  • bane-çheh - white hot
  • folt bane - fair hair
  • Yn Thie Bane - The White House
  • laa bane - livelong day
  • brattagh bane - white flag / flag of truce.

red jiarg [ʤɚg̊] - red, bloodshot, florid, glowing, gules, live, rouge, ruddy, sanguine, stark; buring; abandoned (land)

Etymology: from the Old Irish derg, from the Proto-Celtic *dergos (red, crimson), from the Proto-Indo-European *dʰerg- (to dim, darken)


  • jiarg-lossanagh - flame-red
  • jiarg ghlen - squeaky clean
  • jiarg ghrooishagh - red-faced
  • jiarg neealagh - red-faced, ruddy-complexioned
  • kione jiarg - redhead
  • jiarg loshtee, jiarg-cheh - burning, red-hot
  • rybban jiarg - red tape
  • skeddan jiarg - kipper, red herring

red ruy = red, ginger, tan, copper-complexioned, red-haired, foxy, sand

Etymology: from the Old Irish rúad, from the Proto-Celtic *rowdo-, from the Proto-Indo-European *h₁rewdʰ


  • dhoan-ruy - chestnut (colour)
  • dhone-ruy - bay
  • doan ruy - sepia
  • doo-ruy - auburn
  • ruy-dhone - bronze, dark bay
  • ben ruy - redhead
  • arran ruy - brown bread
  • shugyr ruy - brown sugar
  • cabbyl ruy - bay horse
  • Yn Vooir Ruy - The Red Sea
  • Cha nel mee er n'akin ping ruy ayd foast - I haven't seen the colour of your money yet
  • Cha nel ping ruy aym - I haven't a red cent (I'm broke, penniless)

yellow bwee / buigh [bʷiː] - yellow; fair-headed; jaundiced, sallow, tan; dun

Etymology: from the Old Irish buide (yellow, buttercup, honey), from the Proto-Celtic *bodyos (yellow), from the Proto-Indo-European *badyo- (yellow, brown)


  • buigh-ghial - bright yellow
  • lheeah-wuigh - yellowish
  • feer-wuigh - canary yellow
  • chiassagh buigh - yellow fever

blue gorrym [ˈgɔɾəm] - blue, black, dark-skinned; washing blue

Etymology: from Old Irish gorm (blue), from the Proto-Celtic *gorsmo-, from *gor (warm, warm colour), from the Proto-Indo-European *wrmi- (worm), from the Proto-Indo-European *wer- (to turn, bend).


  • bane-ghorrym - light blue
  • gorrym dorraghey - dark blue
  • gorrym turcaid - turquoise blue
  • gorrym-ghlass - aquamarine, azure, sea-green
  • jalloo - gorrym blueprint
  • gorrym-hooillagh - blue-eyed
  • cabbyl gorrym - dapple grey horse

green glass - green (natural); pale, verdant; unfledged, raw, callow; pasty, sappy, soft (colour), ashen; grey (of animal)

Etymology: from the Old Irish glas (green, blue, grey), from the Proto-Celtic *glastos (green, blue) from the Proto-Indo-European *ǵʰl̥h₃stós, from *ǵʰelh₃- (green, yellow).


  • bane-ghlass - pale green, pastel green
  • mooir-ghlass - sea-green

green geayney [ˈgɛəɲə] - green, greenness, verdant


  • geayney-ghone - bronze-green
  • Cur tooilley geayney stiagh - Put more of the green in

brown dhone [dɒun] - brown, brown-haired, hazel, swarthy, dark-skinned

Etymology: from the Old Irish donn (brown, tawny, dun), from the Proto-Celtic *dusnos (brown).


  • dhone vuigh - biscuit colour
  • dhone-ruy - bay
  • ruy-dhone - bronze, dark bay
  • arran dhone - brown bread
  • cabbyl dhone - bay horse
  • crackan dhone - bronzed skin

pink bane-yiarg - pink, light red ("white/pale red")


  • bane-jirgid / bane-yiargagh - pinkness
  • lheeah-yiarg - pinkish

orange jiarg-bwee - orange ("red-yellow")

grey lheeah [ˈlˠiə] - grey, grey-haired, grey-headed, hoary, mould, musty, silver, white-haired

Etymology: from Old Irish líath (grey, grey-haired), from the Proto-Celtic *ɸlētos (grey), from the Proto-Indo-European *pel- / *pelH- (pale, grey).


  • bane-lheeah - light grey
  • breck-lheeah / glass-lheeah - greyish
  • lheeah-ghlass - light grey, sage-green
  • staillin-lheeah - steel-grey
  • shenn dooinney lheeah - greybeard

purple gorrym-jiarg / jiarg gorrym - purple ("blue-red / red blue")

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