Family words in Manx (Gaelg)

Words for family members and other relatives in Manx (Gaelic), a Goidelic Celtic language spoken mainly in the Isle of Man.

  Manx (Gaelg)
family lught thie (family/household)
clein (family/clan)
parents ayr as moir
father ayr
mother moir
children cloan
son mac
daughter 'neen / inneen
husband fer
wife ben (heshee)
brother braar
sister shuyr
uncle naim
braar ayrey (father's brother)
braar mayrey (mother's brother)
aunt naunt
shuyr ayrey (father's sister)
shuyr vayrey (mother's sister)
ben vraar ayrey (father's brother's wife)
cousin mac braar ayrey (father's brother's son)
'neen vraar ayrey (father's brother's daughter)
mac shuyr ayrey (father's sister's son)
'neen çhuyr ayrey (father's sister's daughter)
mac braar mayrey (mother's brother's son)
'neen vraar mayrey (mother's brother's daughter)
mac shuyr mayrey (mother's sister's son)
'neen çhuyr mayrey (mother's sister's daughter)
nephew neear
niece inneen vraarey (brother's daughter)
inneen shayrey (sister's daughter)
grandparents shennayryn
grandfather jed mooar / jishag mooar / shaner / shennayr
grandmother grannee / mwarree / shenn voir
grandchildren cloan ny clienney / oe
grandson oe
granddaughter oe 'neen
grand nephew oe braarey (brother's grandchild)
oe shayrey (sister's grandchild)
grand niece oe braarey (brother's grandchild)
oe shayrey (sister's grandchild)
great grandfather shenn shaner / shenn shenn-ayr
great grandmother mwarree vooar / shenn shenn voir / shenn warree
great uncle shenn naim
great aunt shenn naunt
father-in-law ayr 'sy leigh
mother-in-law moir 'sy leigh
brother-in-law braar 'sy leigh / braar keeilley
sister-in-law shuyr 'sy leigh / ben vraarey

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