Time in Manx

How to tell the time in Manx, a Celtic language spoken in the Isle of Man.

English Manx Gaelic (Gaelg)
What time is it? Cre'n traa t'eh?
It's one o'clock T'eh nane er y chlag
It's quarter past one T'eh kerroo lurg nane
It's half past one T'eh lieh oor lurg nane
It's quarter to two T'eh kerroo gys jees
It's two o'clock T'eh jees er y chlag
It's quarter past two T'eh kerroo lurg jees
It's half past two T'eh lieh oor lurg jees
It's quarter to three T'eh kerroo gys tree
It's three o'clock T'eh tree er y chlag
It's quarter past three T'eh kerroo lurg tree
It's half past three T'eh lieh oor lurg tree
It's quarter to four T'eh kerroo gys kiare
It's four o'clock T'eh kiare er y chlag
It's quarter past four T'eh kerroo lurg kiare
It's half past four T'eh lieh oor lurg kiare
It's quarter to five T'eh kerroo gys queig
It's five o'clock T'eh queig er y chlag
It's quarter past five T'eh kerroo lurg queig
It's half past five T'eh lieh oor lurg queig
It's quarter to six T'eh kerroo gys shey
It's six o'clock T'eh shey er y chlag
It's quarter past six T'eh kerroo lurg shey
It's half past six T'eh lieh oor lurg shey
It's quarter to seven T'eh kerroo gys shiaght
It's seven o'clock T'eh shiaght er y chlag
It's quarter past seven T'eh kerroo lurg shiaght
It's half past seven T'eh lieh oor lurg shiaght
It's quarter to eight T'eh kerroo gys hoght
It's eight o'clock T'eh hoght er y chlag
It's quarter past eight T'eh kerroo lurg hoght
It's half past eight T'eh lieh oor lurg hoght
It's quarter to nine T'eh kerroo gys nuy
It's nine o'clock T'eh nuy er y chlag
It's quarter past nine T'eh kerroo lurg nuy
It's half past nine T'eh lieh oor lurg nuy
It's quarter to ten T'eh kerroo gys jeih
It's ten o'clock T'eh jeih er y chlag
It's quarter past ten T'eh kerroo lurg jeih
It's half past ten T'eh lieh oor lurg jeih
It's quarter to eleven T'eh kerroo gys nane jeig
It's eleven o'clock T'eh nane jeig er y chlag
It's quarter past eleven T'eh kerroo lurg nane jeig
It's half past eleven T'eh lieh oor lurg nane jeig
It's quarter to twelve T'eh kerroo gys daa-yeig
It's twelve o'clock T'eh daa-yeig er y chlag
It's quarter past twelve T'eh kerroo lurg daa-yeig
It's half past twelve T'eh lieh oor lurg daa-yeig
It's quarter to one T'eh kerroo gys nane
it's midnight T'eh mean oie
it's midday T'eh munlaa
in the morning 'syn voghrey
in the afternoon 'syn fastyr
in the evening 'syn oie

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