As Snug as a Bug in a Rug

If you feel particularly warm, cozy and comfortable, you might say that you're "as snug as a bug in a rug", at least in English. This page contains equivalents of this saying in various other languages.

The saying first appeared in print in English in 1769 in the play The Stratford Jubilee.

Pig in a blanket

Language Translations
English as snug as a bug (in a rug)
as snug as a bee in a box, making his honey
as snug as pigs in pease-straw
Dutch behaaglijk, als een mol in zijn hol
snug, like a mole in its hole
French être comme un coq en pâte
to be like a cockerel / rooster in pastry
être bien au chaud
to be well and warm
Irish chomh seascair le lachín i stáca
as snug as a duckling in a stack
Italian sta come un ragno nel muro
like a spider in the wall
calduccia come una bertuccia nella cuccia
warm as a monkey in the kennel
Manx cha skeoigh as lugh 'sy chreeagh
as snug as a mouse in a boundary
Polish jak u Pana Boga za piecem
like God is behind the stove
jak niemowlę w objęciach
like a baby in your arms
jak kotu za piecem
like a cat behind the stove
jak pączek w ciaśle
like a doughnut in butter
Portuguese tão confortável como um rancho canadense na floresta
as comfortable as a Canadian ranch in the woods
Scottish Gaelic cho seasgair ri luchag ann an cruach
as snug as a mouse in a (peat-)stack
cho blàth 's cofhurtail ri ugh ann an tòn na circe
as warm and comfortable as an egg in a hen's backside
Spanish cómodo como pancho por su casa
comfortable as a hot dog in its house
rico como un mico con pico
rich as a monkey with a beak
Welsh cyn glyted â nyth cath
as snug as a cat's nest
clyd fel pathew / cyn glyted â phathew
(as) snug as a dormouse
cynnes fel tost(yn)
warm like toast

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