Greek idioms

A collection of idiomatic expressions in Greek with English equivalents and translations.

Idioms English versions
μπαίνω στον κόπο
(baíno ston kópo)
to get in the trouble = to bother
μου ανέβηκε το αίμα στο κεφάλι
(mou anévike to aíma sto kefáli)
the blood climbed up my head = it made my blood boil
τα κάνω άνω κάτω
(ta káno áno káto)
to make them upside down = to create a mess
κάτσε στ'αβγά σο
(kátse st avgá so)
to sit on your eggs = to stay put, stay uninvolve
έγινε άλλος άνθρωπος
(égine állos ánthropos)
to became another person = about someone who changed a lot (usually positive)
κάνει τη πάπια
(káni ti pápia)
to do the duck = to keep quiet or not mention something in order to avoid being blamed for it
βγήκα απ'τα ρούχα μου
(vyíka ap'ta roúkha mou)
I came out of my clothes = I was enraged, livid, hopping mad
βρέχει καρεκλοπόδαρα
(vrékhi kareklopódara)
it's raining chair-legs = it's raining cats and dogs (it's raining hard)
είμαι ανοιχτό βιβλίο
(ímai anikhtó vivlío)
I am an open book = I am wearing my heart on my sleeve
μαύρη μέρα κι άραχνη
(mávri méra ki árakhni)
black day and spidery = to have a bad day
δεν ξέρω την τύφλα μου
(den xéro tin típhla mou)
I don't know my blindness = to be clueless or not know anything
μου έφαγες τα αυτιά
(mou éphayes ta aftiá)
You ate my ears = You're being too loud or talking too much, or too pushy
μου έφαγες τα αυτιά
(mou éphayes ta aftiá)
You ate my ears = You're being too loud or talking too much, or too pushy

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